Avoid these four folks while you’re in a relationship! They could “ruin” your relationship.

Relationships and marriages should be a holy space for two individuals, free of distractions and outsiders. However, numerous invaders and strangers can infiltrate your connections. Such people can be found listed below. 1. Exes or previous friends with benefits. Many people like telling their ex-partners or someone with whom they have been intimate that they are now in a relationship, and who could blame them?

One of the nicest things you can do is set boundaries and make it clear that you are off limits and unavailable. 2. People who are simply too polite. That kind buddy who always orders meals for you, that neighbor who cooks for you, and that man who sends you money, all of that must come to an end. Even if your spouse isn’t concerned, you have no idea what the ‘good’ person’s secret goals are, and you don’t want to feel obligated to them.

3. Some pals. Friends are a problematic subset; some care about your well-being, while others do not. You don’t know what’s in anyone’s heart, so avoid discussing unneeded information about your relationship with them. Many women have lost partners to their pals. Even guys make advances on their buddies’ ladies. You don’t want to give these people any more space than is necessary in your connection.

4. Instagram baddies and Snapchat slay queens. Never underestimate the power of the slay queen. If you realize you’re drawn to particular people on social media, the best thing to do is mute or unfollow them – a word is enough for the wise.

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