Strawberry Frosted Strawberry Sheet Cake

While we’ve been known to use a packet of our favorite jello mix on occasion – they provide fantastic taste, color, and typically a good, thick texture – there’s something quite refreshing about going back to basics and preparing a cake from scratch. Specifically, a delicious summer strawberry cake. This recipe uses a 9×13 pan and includes fresh strawberries in both the cake mixture and frosting. There’s no false flavor (or color) here; only real fruit! We adore it, and you will too, I swear.

We used cake flour, baking powder, and baking soda to create a light and fluffy cake that is delightful to bite into but not too heavy. The leaveners give this cake a nice lift, the Greek yogurt keeps it moist, and the strawberries and lemon juice make it feel particularly fresh. Win-win-win. We wanted the pink from the strawberries to really stand out, so we used egg whites instead of whole eggs to keep the yolks from coloring the batter; we also added a bit of additional butter to compensate for the missing yolk.

If you really want to up the flavor and color of this recipe, you could make a strawberry reduction by simmering one pound of strawberries for 20-30 minutes and then pouring 1/2 cup of that into the batter instead of the diced strawberries, but that seemed a little fussy, so we went with diced berries instead. Similarly, you could use freeze-dried strawberries in the frosting, which would make it taste fantastic (though not necessarily better) and look very colorful, but it’s not really essential when you’ve got summer’s best berries incorporated into the mix.’

This adaptable recipe can be used in a variety of pans, including a 9×13, a jelly roll pan, and two 9-inch cakes. We prefer this method because it results in a hefty cake that we can sink our teeth into, as well as a good ratio of icing to cake – it’s all about achieving the correct balance! You can add additional lemon juice to either the batter or the frosting (or both) to brighten the flavor, but we are utterly addicted to this cake as is. Try it, and you will be too!

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