The bridesmaid prepared to catch the bouquet. What she saw behind her back brought her to tears.

Every bride believes that on her wedding day, everything should be beautiful and just for her. These are special times when the closest individuals come together to celebrate the joy and happiness of mutual love. But Jess Nakraico is a rare girl who picked her wedding day to bring joy to her best friend.

Jessica Keeley, a close friend of the newlywed, discussed all of the wedding details with Jess, from minor organizational concerns to a beautiful bachelorette party. She was instrumental in making both holidays a success. The new bride was so grateful to Jessica that she did not pass up the opportunity to make this day special for her.

The girl was aware that her friend’s boyfriend planned to propose to her, and she was not scared to ensure that all of the focus at her own wedding went to someone else. Following a brief talk with Adam, Jessica’s young man, the plan was put into action. Finally, an exciting moment arrived: Jess had to throw a bouquet and even turn her back on the other girls per tradition.

However, the next moment, she approached her friend and just handed her the flowers.Imagine that the exquisite sounds of Bruno Mars’ flawlessly romantic composition “Marry Me” are pouring, and someone softly touches the hand of the surprised bridesmaid from behind. Turning around, the girl noticed her beloved kneeling. And, indeed, it was so moving that no one in the crowd could hold back tears.

Jessica’s overflowing wonder and excitement were captured by a photographer who was documenting everything that happened. Surely, this photo will be the first in the joyous history of Jessica and Adam’s new family.

Jess’ behavior is commendable; it is immediately evident that selfishness has no place in this friendship, and one can only be happy if the other is happy. Could you do something similar for your girlfriend at your wedding?

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