Find Out What Your Shower Habits Say About Your Personality

Unfortunately, many people think “showering is the highlight of the day.” It’s not just about personal hygiene; some of us love doing hobbies, thinking, studying, and other activities while showering. There are many different types of individuals in the world, and knowing how they shower may help you understand them better.

The singer. We’ve all met someone who plays full-length concerts while in the spotlight — I mean, in the shower. If someone belts out while shampooing, he or she is likely a loud, confident person. This person doesn’t care who is listening and will never accept Simon Cowell’s “it’s a no” response. The average shower singer may also be prone to making excuses, such as “the acoustics are better in the bathroom,” or “I didn’t realize how much time had passed.”

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That’s a load of nonsense, because four songs and three futile efforts at a high note later, this individual is still humming along when he or she realizes you’re waiting to use the restroom. The Quickie. Those who can shower faster than it takes to wait in a Starbucks line are the true champions. They have lather, rinse, and repeat down to a science and don’t expect anything spectacular from the wash.

These folks typically have a fast-paced, on-the-go personality with one foot out the door at all times. Furthermore, they are low-maintenance and the preferred roommate in the home to shower after because the wait is never long. We all know a Quickie, and we’re still not sure why this individual would rush through the serenity that a shower can provide.

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The multitasker. Chances are, if a person can brush his or her teeth, wash his or her body, condition his or her hair, and use the shower as a toilet, you have a multitasker. This individual is not only full of energy but also competitive and an overachiever. Whether it’s attaching notecards to the glass door to study or prepping for a Spanish oral test, multitaskers know what they want to accomplish and how to get it done.

This person is also likely to be a conservator, whether intentionally or unintentionally, ensuring that no time, water, or money are wasted. Multitasking can be beneficial, but it’s important to remember to clean the shower. The Thinker. Whether it’s a stressful day or not, there’s always a thoughtful person who takes time in the shower to reflect on life decisions. With the tremendous rainfall coming down, the tone is somber, and the individual feels cut off from the rest of the world.

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This showerer performs best when left alone. He or she may also maintain his or her status as the group’s dramatic friend. His or her refuge centers around the rinse, and you can assume this individual dislikes cognitive processes and distractions. The Prepper. Knock, knock. Everyone waits for this person, who spends more time outside the shower than inside. For the Prepper, preparation is essential in order to perform all tasks for a relaxing shower.

He or she prefers to focus on grooming and who knows what else before jumping in. Because of their religious habits, these people are unable to be spontaneous. You can always count on these people to look their best, and you have to respect their patience.. The Procrastinator. Face it: some things are easier stated than done. Showering may not be everyone’s dream, and for the Procrastinator, it’s simply another task on a lengthy list of to-dos.

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People who postpone bathing frequently have high expectations for themselves, such as foregoing bath time in exchange for a run they might want to do later. Roommates adore procrastinators because they can use the restroom for as long as they want, and procrastinators will simply deal with it. The shower is always available and will be used eventually. It’s true that you don’t get to know someone until you live with them. You can, however, get a sneak preview by observing bathing habits!

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