Strawberry Dumplings

If you’ve been following us for a long time, you know we love dumplings. Nothing beats a deliciously rich and carb-filled dumpling, whether made from scratch or with a simple shortcut method. Diets be damned—they’re worth every calorie! The basic crescent roll method is one of our faves, but we’d never tried it with strawberries, so it was high time we changed that.

The final Strawberry Dumpling dish is unbelievably delicious and makes the ideal summer treat!The combination of juicy berries and buttery pastry is nothing short of decadent, especially when baked with a thick homemade sauce. We used fresh berries in this recipe, but you can use frozen in the off season; simply thaw and drain them before assembling the dumplings.

Another crucial note: Pour the soda around the dumplings rather than on top of the dough to keep the tops crispy. When the butter sauce and soda are combined, they will bubble up and then bake to caramel-y deliciousness.

These dumplings are a show-stopping dessert at any time of year, but they feel more joyful in the spring and summer. If you’re feeling very extravagant, you could offer these at brunch as a sweet treat. Strawberry Dumplings are sure to be a success for any occasion. Give them a try, and we’re confident you’ll agree!

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