What a skilled plastic surgeon can do! Jane Fonda wears bold red lipstick on the red carpet, but all eyes are on her face.

Jane Fonda wowed at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, flaunting her new longer hair and bright red lipstick. Fans praised her lovely appearance, but some couldn’t help but notice the marks of her recent facelift.Fonda dazzled in a beautiful black gown decorated with silver floral motifs across the torso. On top of her elegant outfit, she wore a stunning tan and black animal theme long coat that she casually wrapped around her shoulders.

The silver-haired actress wore her typical waved hairstyle with a side parting, and she paired the black outfit with bright red lipstick.Most people were astounded by Jane Fonda’s beauty and flooded the comments with compliments on her radiant look. “Jane Fonda always steals the show with her exquisite and timeless style. “She is a timeless beauty who never fails to impress on the red carpet,” someone remarked.

Others praised her beauty, saying things like “She’s remarkable” and “Looking fresh and clean.”However, several people saw changes in her face, generating speculation of probable surgery. One individual said, “If I had her money, I could look like that too. It is not natural. But it looks wonderful,” while another added, “Amazing what a competent plastic surgeon can do…” Another user said, “It doesn’t look like her at all.”

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