Four unmistakable signals that a guy is only messing with your emotions.

1. He is always sweet with words. Although any guy who wants you to fall for him will always use lovely words to blow your mind, a player has unique abilities in brainwashing you to make you feel special. They begin with words that you are vulnerable to. They use terms more frequently, such as “hun, my love, my heart-beat, my sunshine, my angel, my pride”.

He tells you he can’t live a single day without you, although he was already living before meeting you. How you meant everything in the world, and how they would give up every opportunity to be with you. They know just what to say at any given time to keep you from realizing their genuine motives. 2. He doesn’t care about your feelings. He doesn’t care if his actions hurt you or not.

“By their fruits, you shall know them” He would always flirt with your pals and say it was nothing. When you are furious with him, he shows no remorse for what he did; instead, he looks for an excuse to cover up. 3. He is certain to always cover his tracks. When he is with you, he makes every effort to appear saintly. Until he gets his way, he never makes you realize his defects.

Be wary of anyone who appears as pure as cotton when they’re around you; you never know what’s beneath those lovely smiles. 4. He does not provide you quality attention. A man does not devote much time to one person because they are constantly looking for new opportunities. If he keeps making excuses for why he can’t spend time with you, you should recognize he’s messing with your emotions. However, they do not care if you lose interest in the connection.

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