My stepfather gave me up when I was a teenager, and now he’s begging for my help.

A single decision in our lives can shape our entire future. After Erin’s mother died, her adored stepfather, feeling unable to raise her alone, made the painful decision to hand her over to her paternal grandma.

However, Erin was dissatisfied with the new arrangement and blamed him for his decision for the rest of her life. Years later, the stepfather is back and in need of her help. Erin is feeling lost and confused, so she reached out to us for guidance.

Here are some specific suggestions that we hope will assist you writes the page where she posted this story! Take some time to consider your own feelings and needs in this situation. Consider whether reconnecting with your stepfather is consistent with your emotional well-being and healing process.

It is critical to address your feelings of hurt and betrayal, but also to consider whether there is a potential of forgiveness and reconciliation that can offer you peace in the future. Consider consulting a therapist or counselor to assist you understand the complex emotions and issues surrounding your relationship with your stepfather.

A neutral third party can offer vital insight and support while you process your emotions, consider your options, and decide whether or not to reconcile with him.

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