My parents did not show up for my school graduation—their argument is ludicrous.

High school graduation is a momentous occasion that we all look forward to. It is an experience shared with those we care about the most since it represents a chapter in our lives that we will always treasure as a cherished memory. Britt, a young woman, described her day as an emotional roller coaster. She was very proud of herself for graduating high school, but her heart was hammering with the fear that her mother and stepfather would not show up. She hoped to recognize familiar faces among the camera flashes and bustle.

While sitting close to her classmates, she continued looking about. “They’re probably running late,” she attempted to persuade herself. “Or possibly delayed in traffic. “They’ll be here any minute.” Britt looked around as names were announced, and when her turn came to come up to the platform, she smiled. Britt held the diploma in her palm, hoping to see her mother smile and her stepfather give her a thumbs up, but that did not happen. They were nowhere to be found.

“They must be here somewhere,” she reasoned as she wandered around the premises. Britt checked her phone after realizing they weren’t there and were unlikely to arrive. There was a message saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t make it.” Something happened with your stepsister. We will rejoice later. Congrats!”Britt became terribly concerned. She wondered what could have been more important than her graduation, and she couldn’t wait to return home and be with her parents.

Iris, her step-sister, was usually throwing tantrums and wanting to be the center of attention, so what could go wrong this time? As she stood alone, Britt felt a hand on her shoulder. She had a prom date with Justin. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked her, sensing something was really wrong. Britt could not respond because she felt a lump in her throat. Instead of words, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Oh, sweetheart, come here,” Justin’s mother told her, pulling her into her embrace. “You’re not alone, we’re here for you.” They did all in their power to make Britt feel less alone and to fill the vacuum.After the celebration with Justin’s family, Britt returned home. She arrived and noticed her mother and stepfather sitting on the couch, watching TV as usual. What’s more, they appeared relaxed.

Britt’s rage bubbled up. “Hey, where were you guys?” she inquired with quivering voice. “You missed my graduation.” Her mother, mortified, said, “Your stepsister broke a nail. She threw a huge rage and insisted that we take her to the beauty shop right away to have it fixed. She was distraught, Britt.” In surprise, Britt exclaimed, “A broken nail? “You missed my graduation because Iris broke a nail and had a meltdown.”

Iris, who didn’t even raise her head, explained, “It was an emergency for me.” At that point, Britt recognized how distorted her parents’ priorities were. She knew Iris was their favorite, but this was the breaking point. “Are you serious?” she exclaimed. “Do you even realize how much this meant to me?” Unable to look into her eyes, her mother whispered, “Britt, we’re sorry. “We’ll celebrate later, I promise.”

After some deliberation, Britt decided it was best if she left the house for a while. So she contacted Justin’s mother, Mrs. Anderson. “Good evening, Mrs. Anderson,” she said, her voice cracking. I’d want to ask you for a favor. “But I’m not sure how to…” “Go ahead, Brittany. “What is it?” Mrs. Anderson responded with a pleasant voice. Can I remain with you for a while? I had a falling out with my family, and I need to leave.”

Justin’s mother did not hesitate. “Of course, sweetheart.” “You are always welcome here.” Britt packed her belongings and walked towards the front door. “I’m leaving,” she explained. “I need some time away from this house, from you.” Her mother attempted to stop her, but it was too late. In the weeks that followed, Britt was able to locate work and, eventually, an apartment. She disregarded her parents’ calls and did not want to communicate with them.

However, years later, when she was about to graduate from college, Britt decided to give them a shot at atonement by calling them and inviting them to her graduation ceremony. She felt that they owed her to be there this time.Sadly, history repeated itself. Britt’s mother and stepfather did not attend her college graduation ceremony. What’s the reason?

Iris, who was pregnant at the time, had a yearning for a specific cake from a sweet store in the next town, and they became stopped in traffic. They excused themselves with the same dumb text message they used the first time. This was yet another blow from those who were supposed to be Britt’s biggest supporters. Following the ceremony, Justin discovered Britt. “They didn’t come, did they?” he asked softly. “No, they didn’t,” she replied.

Justin was always there for her, and he felt like the closest person she had in her life. They finally started dating and moved in together. Britt was pleased with how her life had turned out, but the sting of her parents’ absence was something she needed time to overcome. Looking back, Britt realized that even when given a second opportunity, some people will waste it and fail you over and over.

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