Three Cheese Quiche

My love affair with the simple quiche began in childhood. It was one of the first recipes my mother required me to cook on my own. I can still recall the battered recipe card on the counter, with a message asking me to make one for dinner and bake it. Quiche is an easy recipe to learn because it only requires chopping and stirring.

Most quiches use three fundamental ingredients: a pie crust, heavy cream (or half & half), and eggs. From there, you can experiment with different meats, vegetables, and cheeses. For today’s meal, we chose a classic three-cheese quiche. Who can resist outrageously cheesy eggs and fluffy pie crust?We also added some chopped yellow and green onions for color and flavor. If your children do not like onions, adding sliced ham or broccoli would be a good substitute.

While I grew up eating quiche for dinner, there is no incorrect time to serve it! It’s a brunch classic, and I’ve been known to grab a quick slice from the fridge for lunch. This cheesy quiche is delicious whether hot or cold!

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