Woman tired with her appearance appears lovely again after a makeover removes 20 years from her age.

Every woman aspires to be the attractive woman about whom Roy Orbison composed a song. I mean, it has been popular for a long time for a reason! When you look good, you feel good, and all it takes is a little makeover magic to boost your confidence! Janice appears on another fantastic episode of The Makeover Guy, trying to get her “sexy back.” She admits she is weary of her frizzy hair and wants something fresh. After watching “a million videos” and thinking, “Wow, I need some help,” it’s finally her day to shine!

Janice admits she hauled a buddy from Southern Indiana all the way to meet the renowned Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins. “I kinda told a little white lie, they think we’re on a biking trip.” She arrived with no specific plan in mind, but she knew she could rely on Christopher’s talent for amazing changes to lift her out of her malaise.

From the first cut of her long frizzy hair, you can see the great improvements that are on their way. Even she is taken aback, but she is overjoyed to be that much closer to an upgraded version of herself. She even has a one-on-one session with a wardrobe planner to help her get her style in order. Then comes the reveal! Janice like a breath of fresh air. Her hair is significantly shorter but has a lot of volume and oomph.

The hue is a dark red, so it’s not overly bright or brassy; it’s just enough to warm up her face and give her a glow. Christopher gave her a great cut that frames her face and takes use of her curls to give her a youthful look.  And her makeup? It’s just enough to highlight her natural features without taking away or concealing up too much.

It brightens her face and smoothes out any imperfections to complete Janice’s “sexy back” image! She even had a few minutes of rest and relaxation with a beautiful face mask and a piano playing in the background; Christopher serenaded her. The transformation is dramatic; she appears 20 years younger and is in tears at the end of her makeover. “I got my little sass back, and it feels wonderful.”

Click the video below to witness Janice’s dramatic before and after.

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