I’m Excluding My Son’s Kid From My Will Unless He Takes a Paternity Test

Our reader, an old woman called Rosa, wrote us a letter that read like both a confession and a genuine plea for help. The woman is torn since she had to make a difficult personal decision. She left out her grandson, whom she adores, from her will. And this was all because her daughter-in-law cheated on her son, and neither of the family members is certain that the child is not the result of her affair. Rosa shared us her tale in full and asked for our readers’ honest feedback and recommendations.

Rosa has always been a generous and supportive woman to her son and his wife. Rosa, 63, admitted that she is at a crossroads right now because, on the one hand, her heart is full of feelings for her son and grandson, but on the other, she is tempted to make a very difficult decision for them both. The mother began her letter by adding, “My son Kirk and his wife Ashley were married 5 years ago.

Kirk is married for the second time, and he has only recently healed from his last relationship, which resulted in divorce due to his ex-wife’s adultery. Ashley, his new girlfriend, was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day for him, doing everything she could to help him recover from his horrible experience and believe in true love again.”

“When their relationship began, I was relieved that my son was back on track. I am affluent because I have savings, and my deceased spouse left me a large quantity of money in a bank account, allowing me to live a comfortable life and enjoy my retirement years to the fullest. I aided them financially from the first day of their marriage, buying them a house and two cars, investing in Ashley’s further education, and even assisting her in finding a suitable job.

My heart was with them; I wanted them to prosper as a family and did everything in my power to make them happier than they already were.” Ashley cheated on her husband, and it was disastrous for the entire family.Rosa continues her story, saying, “Almost three years ago, we discovered that Ashley was cheating on Kirk in the most traumatic way possible.” Knowing that he was almost dead from his prior horrific experience and having all she could ever want in her life, this woman ignored it all and cheated on Kirk with a coworker.
Just picture the irony! I assisted her in finding a job, which she then utilized to cheat on my son with someone else. Kirk was desperate and depressed; I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get through it all again.”

“Ashley, for her part, appeared unconcerned with Kirk’s feelings or my own situation. She moved out shortly after we revealed her affair, and she never apologized. They split up and had no touch for a while. Kirk wanted to heal, and I was thinking about how to assist him keep his sanity after what had occurred to him twice before.”

“Ashley went up one day and informed Kirk she was pregnant, and she had no idea if the baby was his or not. Kirk had planned to go through with the unpleasant divorce and a paternity test when Ashley delivered birth. And then my precious son did something that made me tremble with shock. He immediately decided that he wanted to give her another try and make their marriage work.

The paternity test became the focal point of the family struggle from that point forward.Rosa continues with her testimony, saying, “To top it all off, Kirk opted not to obtain the paternity test because he believed it would produce tension, resentment, and even hatred if he knew for certain that the child was not his. His decision enraged me, but there was nothing I could do about it; it was his decision, and he stood firm on it.”

“Their marriage has remained a terrible show ever since. They frequently break up before reuniting every other day. Kirk considers the child to be his own son at times, but he also refers to him as his wife’s son. I love the child and can’t see how things could be any different; I don’t blame the innocent boy for his mother’s poor life choices. But there’s one major problem with everything.
Kirk and his wife are extremely dysfunctional, and several of our family members have already advised them to keep us out of their marriage. They constantly whine about everything to me and the rest of our family members, but they have no plans to change anything.”

The mom made a difficult decision regarding her son and grandchild.Rosa remarked, “I have a yearly habit of amending my will. Not significantly, and sometimes I don’t modify anything at all. However, I consult with my lawyer and make modifications as needed. My son is aware of this, and he approached me a few days ago, asking whether I could maybe include my grandson in my will.

I said no quickly and without hesitation. I told Kirk that I hadn’t even considered it because I’m not sure if his son is my genuine and biological grandchild. Kirk stated that any child he considers his son would automatically be my grandchild. I completely disagree with that in these circumstances.”

“I told him that if he met his bride when she already had a child and Kirk decided to be a father to the child, I would consider the boy my grandchild if they married. But my DIL cheated on him, breached all of my expectations, and caused him significant anguish; she became pregnant, and we don’t even know if the child is connected to us by blood, and I’m supposed to disregard it?

I demanded that Kirk conduct a paternity test, and if it is positive, I have no objections to incorporating my grandchild in my will. But my son rejected, and he is no longer in communication with me; he has banned me from approaching his son. “What should I do?”

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