Kevin Spacey bursts into tears on Piers Morgan

The disgraced actor admitted to Morgan that he used to be “too handsy.” During an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Kevin Spacey burst into tears and revealed that he had lost his home owing to claims of s****l assault and had incurred millions of dollars in debt. The two-time Academy Award winner spoke for more than an hour and a half on television during his first appearance in years, discussing the claims of sexual assault leveled against him in 2017 and his life and career since then.

The 64-year-old was among the first well-known celebrities to join the MeToo campaign, which began in October 2017 after several allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein were made public. Spacey revealed that the property in Baltimore where he lived while filming Property of Cards is currently for sale, and he has urgent plans to move his possessions into storage.

Kevin Spacey cries over his financial debt, says he owes 'many millions' in  legal fees and calls Netflix's decision to fire him from 'House of Cards'  'wrong'

The American Beauty star burst into tears as he revealed that he was unable to pay the millions of dollars he owed. Spacey went on to add that his financial condition had gotten so bad that he almost filing bankruptcy three times but narrowly averted it each time. In addition, he admitted that he was unsure where he would live if they ever filed for official foreclosure on his property.

During the lengthy discussion, the Hollywood actor stated that he was “very, very grateful for that” after receiving a “message [of support]” from King Charles. Using the opportunity, he dispelled any speculations regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, saying, “He’s not my friend, I’m not a confidante, and I’ve never spent time with him.”

Kevin Spacey breaks down about house

Spacey admitted to being “too handsy” and “touching someone s****lly in a way that I didn’t know at the time they didn’t want,” when Morgan launched right into interrogating him about his history of s****l misconduct at the start of the interview.Numerous Spacey colleagues have openly expressed their support for the Seven star, including Liam Neeson and Sharon Stone, who are both optimistic that the actor will return to the mainstream.

Spacey was open about his removal from the 2018 film All The Money in the World, saying, “I’m hoping that someday our version of the movie will be able to be viewed. “I was incredibly proud of it,” he said, despite making no mention of his wish to restart his career.

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