Women at bachelorette party notice unsettling detail in photo and flee for home immediately.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself going back through images you’ve shot hours, days, even weeks later. Personally, I enjoy revisiting such memories on a regular basis; after all, such photographs provide a visual window into the past that would not otherwise exist.A group of women were startled when they discovered a chilling detail in a pair of images taken seconds apart.

You’ve probably seen your fair share of photo catastrophes, where photographs get weirdly fuzzy, the traditional red-eye effect appears, or something else happens to destroy what would otherwise be a great memory from a historical event. Heck, I’ve seen images that are so twisted – for whatever reason – that the people in them no longer resemble persons. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this.

According to accounts, a group of women on a bachelorette party in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK, were so concerned by what they saw in a pair of images they had taken that they canceled what was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend and instead returned home. The celebrations were scheduled to take place at a distant estate, and the party began by doing what any large gathering of friends would do: taking a series of photos before everything fell into pandemonium.

The first of their shots shows the group smiling in front of a set of logs, with a gorgeous lake in the background. However, in the group’s reported second shot, taken just seconds after the first, a small boy appears to be peeking his head above the logs.Does this sound creepy? Well, the narrative is supposed to take an even stranger turn because the estate has a very tragic past that, given the photo, is impossible to ignore.

According to reports, The Blue kid was a 1994 film about a small kid who drowned in Lock Eck. Screenwriter Paul Murton claimed that he based the plot on a story he heard from a local hotelier. “I was talking to the hotelier about it and he mentioned the Blue Boy,” said Murton. “This, he claimed, was a small youngster who had been on vacation with his parents in the hotel and had been sleepwalking throughout the night. He’d gone outdoors, fallen into the loch, and drowned.


“When they found his body, it was bluish from the cold. Hotel personnel had noted that objects like flatware and plates were frequently out of place for no apparent reason; maybe more sinister, they had discovered moist footprints upstairs in the corridor.” Needless to say, the group of women were too uneasy to stay for the weekend and quickly packed up.The veracity of the photo with the little boy has been called into question online, but no official ruling has been issued by the women present as of this writing.

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