Justin Timberlake, a pop icon, has been arrested in New York, officials reveal.

According to emerging reports, pop icon Justin Timberlake was arrested for DWI earlier this week in Sag Harbor, New York. According to ABC, a law enforcement official verified the story, stating that the Cry Me A River actor was arrested on Monday night. Timberlake is scheduled to appear in court today (Tuesday, June 18), however, the details of his arrest have not yet been made public.

The popular singer, 43, is scheduled to perform two gigs in Chicago this weekend and two in New York City next week. Timberlake embarks on his Forget Tomorrow globe tour this year, which includes stops in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Though more information about Timberlake’s purported DWI arrest is not yet available, this is the second time in recent months that he has sparked controversy.

Britney Spears’ biography The Woman In Me, published last year, detailed how Justin demanded an abortion when she became pregnant when the two were dating. Timberlake was heavily lambasted in the media and on social media platforms in the weeks following the disclosure, especially since it was also believed that he dumped Spears when she was filming a music video.

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