Greek Salsa

Salad or crudité can be used as a veggie side dish or appetizer at any time, but this Greek salsa is a great way to liven things up for lunch or supper. This fresh relish is full of flavor thanks to the Mediterranean spices in the lemon vinaigrette. And the feta cheese’s richness makes this dip meaty.For homemade pita chips, I cut flat pita bread into wedges and bake at 300˚F for 10 minutes. However, you can use store-bought square pita chips if you want.

The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t have to be a dip at all. This salsa/relish pairs well with chicken, fish, or meat. Imagine a meal of sliced steak, French bread, and this relish. Alternatively, you may stuff pitas with chicken and top with this relish for Greek chicken gyros. You can also combine this relish with drained and rinsed spaghetti to make a delicious no-mayo Greek pasta salad.

I appreciate how adaptable and simple it is to make. If you cannot have dairy, leave out the feta. Do you dislike olives? It will still taste good without them.To prepare this recipe, mix all of the vegetables in a big bowl. I prefer to use red or white onion in this recipe. I recall making this for a family gathering when my nephews were young, and I washed the onions in cold water before adding them to the other vegetables for a softer flavor.

This step is optional, but it can make the dish more appealing to children and those who dislike onions. For the record, my nephews ate the entire bowl of this salsa, so my “trick” worked!

In a smaller bowl, combine the dressing ingredients. Pour over the vegetables and chill for an hour to allow the flavors to combine. This process does make a difference in taste, so it’s well worth the wait. When you’re ready to serve the salsa, fold in the feta. If you add the feta too early, the vinaigrette will turn milky. The flavor will remain the same, but adding the cheese at the last minute will make it appear much more appealing.

This is a cool summer lunch that would be ideal as an appetizer or side dish for supper. It also works well as a dip for chips when you don’t want to eat hot salsas. Basically, this is the ideal all-purpose salsa/relish for a wide range of dishes. This recipe earned a prized spot in my recipe box after only one try!

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