Makeup For Older Women: Tips On Choosing Colours…

Hi. Today I want to talk to you about colour which is really challenging for some people just to get it right. And it’s about the colour that you wear near to your face in terms of your clothes and it’s also about the colours that you choose to wear on your face.

Now let’s start by getting clear. If you just love different, lots and lots of different colours and you want to wear any colour under the sun, then who am I to say that that’s not a good idea? But there are definitely colours that will suit you better than others and actually if you choose colours that suit you well then people will tend to say things to you like “oh you look nice today” and “oh I love that colour on you.”

So getting it right can be very, very helpful especially when it comes to choosing coloured makeup. So things like the colours that you’ll put on your eyes, also your cheeks and your lips and that’s really what I want to talk to you about today.

We tend to fall in to one of two groups, which is to be either cool toned, and that means that the undertone of your skin has a bluey tinge to it, or warm toned, which is that the undertone of your skin has a yellow tinge to it.

There’s no good or bad or right or wrong, it’s just really what you were born with and if you’re cool toned like me and you can see that I’ve got this scarf which is actually got a lot of the cool tone colours in it that really suit me because I have this blue undertone.

And when I’m using colours to go on my face then I’m looking really for anything that will complement something with a blue undertone. Watch the details in the video below and share this video wiith your friends on social media…

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