The coolest police officers answer a family’s prayers. You won’t guess how. WATCH

Gerald Philbrook, who’s only four at the moment, was sad because his favorite tractor was stolen. His dad posted on Facebook about how his cherished old tractor had been stolen. Peter wrote in the post how he and his son had found the toy and bonded while repairing it, so the tractor held great sentimental value.

When Patrol Sergeant Andrew Brooks read that post, the police immediately swung into action. After an unsuccessful search effort, Sergeant Brooks, with some help from a local Wal-Mart and the Tempe Officers Association, purchased a new toy for Gerald.

The sergeant was so overcome with emotion when the time finally came to give the boy the new tractor, that he started tearing up. Once he collected himself, Brooks presented Gerald with a personalized licence plate for his tractor, as well as a peace-sign bumper sticker.

On receiving his special gift, Gerald replied, “This is actually cooler than the other one!” / WATCH the video about this story below.

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