The secret superpowers of all pregnant women

The old joke is that if men were the ones giving birth that there would be a population shortage. I think it’s true! Men may be able to bench press more than most women, but when it comes to true strength and the ability to endure pain, women blow men away.

Giving birth is the ultimate superpower specific to women. The picture above was posted by a Spanish blogger and mother of 3, Laura, 4 days before giving birth to healthy twins.

Do you agree that all women have superpowers? Which one is not mentioned on this list and which one do you have? Share your ideas and opinions in the comments with us.

Here, in no particular order, are the secret powers that every pregnant woman possesses: 1. You pass gas that can flatten a Mac truck, blow the doors off Magneto’s secret lair and disintegrate Lex Luthor in a single powerful lady puff.

2. You can smell things a full minute before anyone else can, especially if those things are a) a beef patty or b) Jon Snow. 3. You can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Client meeting? No problem! Concrete slab? Looks comfy!

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