Which of the girls seems happier?

IQ tests are very popular on the Internet and there are many different types available. The test creator generally increases the score so that users can see better results and be more confident. The tests don’t always indicate that users are geniuses,

but most of the scores are above average. IQ tests are often criticized by scientists because they claim that they are not a good way to study things as complex as human intelligence. We always need to know that we are smart. We don’t really need the truth, we only need confidence. Now let’s try this test.

If you think that A — your left hemisphere of the brain is developed better than the right one. It’s easy for you to learn math, foreign languages, solve logical tasks. Your emotions don’t influence your critical thinking.

If your answer is B — your left hemisphere of the brain in developed better than the right one. You recognize people’s emotions very well, such talents as playing musical instruments and drawing can be well-developed. So can your imagination.

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