YOU CANNOT WATCH THIS WITHOUT CRYING… Dog visits dying owner in hospital to give heartbreaking goodbye.

Most people say goodbye to their dog when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. In this case, the situation has been reversed. The 33-year-old California man was diagnosed with a ventricular brain hemorrhage and quickly fell into a coma he would never awake from.

While his family gathered around his hospital bed to say goodbye, they realized they were missing someone: Ryan’s best friend and devoted dog, Mollie. He fell into a coma and a brain scan showed that his brain was severely damaged and he could not recover.

Meanwhile, his beloved dog Molly stayed at the house, awaiting Ryan’s return at any moment. Ryan’s family really didn’t want Molly to question why Ryan didn’t really come home after getting off work for the rest of his life.

Mollie’s family members requested unique clearance from the medical facility so that she can state her farewells and also recognize why she would certainly never ever see her dad again.

The moment she spends biding farewell is valuable. The family asked the hospital for special permission to bring Mollie to the hospital so that she could say goodbye and hopefully understand why she would never see her dad again. The time she spends saying goodbye is precious.

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