6-Year-Old Protects His Younger Sister From A….

This 6-year-old from Cheyenne, Wyoming is a superhero, which is an understatement! Bridger Walker protects his little sister from a hostile dog that hurt him in his brave behavior.

Bridger finished with 90 points. “If someone is going to die, I think it should be me,” the boy said. The whole world is looking up to this young hero, including some professional superheroes.

The actor Marco Ruffalo (the Hulk in the Marvel Avengers movie) reacted to the story and declared that he admired the boy’s bravery. Even Chris Evans posted a video praising Bridger for his bravery. Maybe they’re afraid of losing their superhero job, they should …

The story of this superhero quickly became popular when his aunt Nicole Walker posted it on Instagram and tagged the Avengers movie stars to notify them of the new members of her team.

The unpleasant incident occurred at a friend’s house on July 9th. Bridger, his sister and their friends enter the garden with a few dogs. His friend pointed to one of the dogs and said he was a bad guy, and the dog responded by rushing towards them.

Bridger jumps between the charge dog and his 4-year-old sister to protect her. The dog in question is a 1-year-old German Shepherd combination.

After the dog bit his face, he called for his sister to run. The dog quickly released him, took his sister by the hand and they ran together.

The dog owner quickly secured his pet, took Bridger home, pressed his wound, and called 911. He was rushed to the clinic where the plastic surgeon sutured him. Bridger was soon released from the hospital and is now with his family.

As a truly brave warrior, he did not let his injuries break his spirit. His aunt said that her family was not angry with the owner of the ferocious dog. Quite the contrary: this incident brought the two families closer together.

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