Babysitter charged with abuse … (Shocked VIDEO)

For that family says they first noticed changes in their son back in June when Lilly and white first started staying with him. This video was taken by a nanny cam child’s mother put in their home last Friday.

Tiffany fields four year old son Luke has Down syndrome, epilepsy and heart defects Monday evening Lexington police arrested Lilly and white charged her with second-degree criminal abuse she bonded out of jail and at her arraignment.

This afternoon her attorney entered a not guilty plea for her the attorney for Luke’s mother says white was hired to take care of the child every Friday and came from a service.

Luke requires constant supervision they say once white began taking care of him. His behavior changed which led to his mother placing that camera since the time the caregiver came into the home.

There were market changes in Luke’s behavior and in Luke’s interactions with his mother and father white will be back in court October 13th for her preliminary hearing in Lexington.

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