The Incredible Recovery of Odin

Even for a dog who had spent his whole life outdoors on a chain, Odin was in very, very bad shape. He was found on a property owned by dog breeders who had neglected Odin and several other dogs.

When rescuers first saw him, he wasn’t even recognizable as an Alaskan Malamute. Instead of a fluffy, black and white dog, Odin was grey, nearly hairless, and skinny to the point that his skin was hanging off his frame.

Rescuers took him to a veterinarian quickly to identify just how poor points truly were. And also they were bad. Odin experienced manage, intestinal worms, skin infections, heartworms,

and his teeth were damaged because of overlook. It was clear that he had actually been suffering for a long, very long time to have gotten to such a severe condition.

Odin needed special care and was placed with Sydney Schelkopf as a foster. He came to her home tired, with a repulsive smell caused by his skin infections, and without any clue as to how to behave like a dog. Sydney’s heart broke for him.

” Odin was discovering what it resembled to be inside a home. He was terrified. He was not sure of what to believe or do. When he first jumped on the sofa, I simply rupture right into tears. I questioned if he had ever really felt comfort like that before.”’

Odin’s spirit was healing, but physically, he had a long way to go. Sydney rushed him to the vet one night when she noticed him having trouble breathing while trying to rest.

He was having eye and ear issues. The estimate to have a specialist work on his teeth was around $2,000. Problems were stacked on Odin, but Sydney loved and supported him through everything that came their way.

For Halloween he dressed as a lion with a fuzzy hair. He reached meet a few other dogs and make some new friends. By January Odin was a fluffy, blurry child once again, for the first time in a long time.

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