Parents Asked Ronaldo For Jersey To Sell For Child’s Lifesaving Operation; But He …

When a 10-month-old baby boy needed an advanced medical operation to live, his parents did not know what to do, as they could not afford to pay for the procedure. When they had run out of options and had nearly lost all hope,

they were answered by a shining light of kindness from soccer star Christiano Ronaldo. Ten months later, Eric Cruz suffered from a disease called cortical dysplasia,

a rare brain disease that caused him to have about 30 seizures a day. The only medical solution is a special type of brain surgery at a cost of 60,000 Euros (83,000 USD).

Ronaldo, a soccer star who was labeled by FIFA as the world’s top player, saw the request for a signed jersey and a signed pair of old cleats to sell to help raise funds for little Erik’s surgery, and he learned about the child’s story.

He not only sent little Erik the signed jersey and signed cleats, but he also offered and then paid for the entire $83,000 medical procedure bill, and told Erik’s parents that he will cover the costs of any follow-up treatments needed.

The most sincere joy to everyone is that the operation was a success, and little Eric’s recovery is also very good. Because of a scar on his head after the 10th month of surgery, Ronaldo shaved a part of his head in an important game to pay tribute to little Eric.

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