Missing cat  from Thailand returns home to her owner after three days surprising him with a note around her neck

Unlikely any other four-legged companion, cats usually have a strange habit to go missing for days. The mysterious cats surprise the neighborhood, while their owners are searching them everywhere or just are waiting for them for days until they come back home again.

When they eventually appeared home, the owners couldn’t even imagine where they have been or what adventure they have had. A cat owner from Thailand recently seemed to solve this mystery, when his kitten came back with a note bound around her neck.

His cat was missing for three days and the owner had no idea where she could be. Now the note shed light on that riddle. Now he knew the “bitter” truth about the adventure of his cat.

As soon as he read the note his cat was carrying, he got surprised: it was not a kind message or a blessing note, but a “food bill”. It was turned out that his missing cat, all those days, was visiting the fish market, in particular, the market vendor.

It was written on the funny note That his cat was watching at the mackerels on the vendor’s stall, and that he gave her three of them.

There was also a contact  information, so that the owner of the cat pay him back. Such a funny story about the mischievous cat, who was gone three days and retuned with debts.

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