The home footage shows how the caring dog Spanky is dragging his own bed to his sick companion to make him feel comfortable

Dogs are not only kind and friendly creatures, but also very  gentle and caring souls. It’s always worthy to admire their ability to take care of not only their babies, but those in need.

In a home footage, it is shown how a dog is carrying his bed to offer it to his sick brother, to make him feel comfy. This scene is absolutely heartwarming.

From that day when Spanky met Roman, he immediately loved him, and since that they are inseparable friends. They are like two brothers, who spend their entire day together. There is a strong and tight bond between each other.

They always play with each other and are very caring and gentle to each other. But how strong their friendship was, Jill Rogers, their human, understood some weeks ago, when she surprisingly saw the home footage.

One day, her 8-year-old Roman got sick, he had an ear infection. So, she took him to the Hopatcong vet for the investigation, where it found out that Roman had a hematoma and need a surgery.

Till the scheduled day of surgery, Roman had to be at home, who suffered from pain and looked very sad and in no mood. Spanky, who seemed to understand the sorrowful state of his friend, was trying  to facilitate the uncomfortable state of his brother with his care and comfort.

Spanky normally was not that gentle, but when he saw his poor friend is sick, he was all the time next to him, treating him very gently.
As Jill had to go to work, she decided to keep an eye on her sick dog with the help of a home camera. But she didn’t even to expect to see such a touching moment on camera.

It showed how Spanky is carrying his bed as if saying to his ill friend that it’s for him. Then they laid on the bed, snuggling each other. This heart melting scene made Jill cry, the caring action of her dog was so touching. Watch this heartbreaking moment here:

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