Brutally Honest Illustrations Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society 2

1. ​Instead Of Helping Those In Need, Let’s Snap A Picture First. This one hits pretty hard. While having access to phones and cameras has certainly come with many benefits, it has also come with what seems to be our downfall.

2. Don’t Stand Out From The Crowd Or You Will Be Mowed Down. There is an old Japanese saying that notes: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

The saying couldn’t apply more to this illustration. The artist could be referring to the fact that we need to keep up with technology, and if we don’t, we’ll be mowed down.

3.Pokemon Go Has Taken Over The World Mmmmh, Pokemon Go fans will probably cringe a little bit when they see this one, but hey, there is always an opportunity for a peaceful and constructive discussion.

4. When will we stop looking at the world without a screen in front of us? What a sad reminder that when it comes to priorities that people have, humanity has completely lost it.

when looking at something beautiful. Instead of actually watching the sunset, every single person on this beach is taking a picture of it, completely missing the point.

Take a look at these unbelievably powerful illustrations and ask yourself if you agree or disagree with what the artists are trying to convey. Either way, you will not be able to stop thinking about them for the rest of the day.

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