Heroic Yorkie risking her life saves her human 10-year-old Lily from a coyote attack

Heroic Yorkie risking her life saves her young human Lily from a coyote attack. Dogs are not only human’s best friends, but their protectors, as well. There are so many cases, when pets run to save their owners without fear!

This brave Yorkie risks her life to rescue her young human from a scary coyote attack. The terrible scene took place on the Toronto street, which was caught on a security camera.

This brave Yorkie, lives about 6 years at the Dorothy Kwan’s family, who was rescued by her human. The gentle dog, Macy, was always kind and friendly to all the members of the family, but there was a special bond especially with the daughter Lily.

Her human sister felt her safe with this tender puppy. One day, when Lily and Macy were walking in the neighborhood, suddenly a coyote began to chase them. Lily was so frightened that she dropped her dog’s leash and began to run screaming.

Little pet didn’t follow her young owner, but started bravely to protect her. It was a real fight between a wild big coyote and a tiny Yorkie. Tough Macy received serious wounds, she won the battle. Her human was safe, that’s important for the brave dog.

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