How They met? Heartwarming Story of Oliva and her dog

Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant living in Germany, is a very kind person, who loves dogs. Her flight direction was often to Buenos Aires, where she had to stay at the hotel for two days.

One beautiful day, when Olivia was going to her hotel, she saw a stray dog in front of the hotel door. She paid attention to this dog, giving him some food!

The dog seemed to fall in love with the kind woman and from that day on he began to wait for her in front of the hotel. Olivia called him Rubio. As soon as Rubio saw her he wagged joyfully his tail, laid on his one side waiting for Olivia to rub his belly.

After this case, Olivia tried to not meet the dog, as he followed her all the time. Whenever Olivia went, Rubio followed her or waited for her outside the hotel. He needed the attention he received once. Even animals need to love and be loved.

As Olivia understood that she can’t avoid meeting the dog, she continued to feed him. When it was cold, she wrapped him with a blanket. Olivia had to flight to BA once in three months.

She was told by the hotel workers that during all those months every day the dog came to the hotel in the hope to meet her. Then he patiently waited for Olivia.

Olivia contacted the local animal shelter, asking them to take Rubio in. They agreed, but it didn’t work: Rubio escaped from the shelter back to the hotel.

Eventually, Olivia Sievers made the decision to adopt him, she brought him to Germany, where Rubio began a new wonderful life. The happy dog got adjusted very quickly to his new life full of adventures and plays.

He spent his time running in the backyard with the other dog of his beloved owner. They were sometimes taken to the local lake, where Rubio liked to watch the fish in the water.

It was in 2016 when Olivia adopted Rubio, changing his street life into a wonderful life, where he lives very happily enjoying the sunshine, the backyard, the sweet home. So, a meeting, a kind look bound two kind hearts forever.

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