Special bond and amazing friendship between two unlikely animals’ sausage dog and seal

Friendship arises between living creatures regardless of age, race, and financial state. Two people befriend because they understand each other from a half-word because they are honest to each other and never have to pretend because they feel convenient during their relationship.

And they trust and care for each other, and eventually, their bond is based on unconditional love. Friendship exists also in the animal world. They, as humans, are able to feel love, affection, and warmth!

Meet an example of such a beautiful friendship between a seal and a sausage dog. Stanley, an adorable dog, met seal, when he visited with his human, Melanie Talbot, to the Cornish Sea Sanctuary. Their special friendship began at the first sight, they see each other.

The rescued seal, named Aayla, used to have dog friends before, but, when she saw first Stanley next to the window, she immediately swam right there, where the dog was standing, and continued to swim in the same place for more than 20 minutes.

This was not new for Aayla, as she loves to interact with people, who often come there with their dogs. Anyway, she seemed to like the lovely dog.

Stanley, a 2-year-old dachshund dog, is always very friendly not only with people, but dogs, as well, but he never showed friendly behavior to any animal of other species.

Melanie was astonished how her beloved dog so quickly befriended with a seal. She was delightful to see how happily looked this beautiful duo, they were hitting their noses on the glass as if they were saying something to each other. This heartwarming view melt everyone’s heart.

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