Can YOU find the butterfly among the sunflowers? Give up? Click here to see the answer

A tricky new brainteaser is challenging players to find a single butterfly hiding in a busy field of sunflowers. Hungarian children’s illustrator and viral puzzle sensation Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, recently shared the seek-and-find puzzle on his website and Facebook page for fans to enjoy!

Players are asked to spot the single butterfly in the hectic garden scene and, to throw people off and make things as difficult as possible, the sunflower petals look frustratingly similar to the elusive insect. Give up? Scroll down to find the well-hidden butterfly highlighted.

However, this time, it is the last thing in the long-standing intruder that cleans the web, so if it did not resolve this effort, do not worry. It has been a few weeks before Dudolf and challenged to find snakes hidden in the puzzles of Jungle Tosted’s series of jobs.

The servant of shows the jungle scene with a green dye, and the bird floats between the branches and the thick leaf of the background. However, it is almost impossible to find a single cutting serpent.

Challenging graphics produced by Fox & Rabbit Illustrator, Dudolf Fan works as “very difficult. If you are looking for a place to start, start from the left to right, and look closely between the leaves to see what is hiding.

Do not place it on eyebrows and parrots to weave your way through the jungle to find the snake. And if you are still fighting, try to look closely at the leaf to find a creature. Do you register? Then, scroll down and look for the agreed response between the scenes of colored jungles.

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