Newborn kitten in need of help was crying for about 15 hours until rescuers heard her

A nice couple, Alissa and Josh, while enjoying their peaceful morning at the backyard of Josh’s parents’ house, suddenly heard a bird-like heartbreaking sound!

Being a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue, Alissa immediately realized that the sound should be a meow of a little kitten. Judging from her voice, the little creature should have to need help, so first, she should find the crying animal.

Alissa with her husband started the search process, running about 200 ft towards the sound, which seemed to be coming from the neighbors’ property.

They were almost found the source of the heartbreaking voice, but, as their family had no relationship with the neighbors, they had no right to trespass on their property.

Josh’s sister Emma added that she heard the same sound the night before. That meant the kitten has been crying for more than about 15 hours. Poor kitten!

Josh’s father, Mr. Scott, interfered, asking his neighbor’s permission to look at his property’s surroundings. The man living next to their door tried to do it by himself, then he came back saying he found nothing.

Alissa ran out of patience, she intended to trespass on the neighbor’s property, but Mr. Scott stopped her. He himself started to look for the kitten and found the crying furry newborn from the neighbor’s shed.

The little creature was eventually saved. For her special voice, she was called Birdie. Alissa nursed her with a bottle. She was in peace and safe. Soon, hopefully there will be someone ready to adopt her, giving the tiny gentle soul a forever sweet home, she deserves.

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