Newborn Twin Babies Talk To Each Other After Delivery

It’s no wonder twins are so similar in thought and behavior, because they have been together since conception. Twins have been linked to each other since they were born.

They grow together in the uterus and together they leave the uterus. A father named Mike Lasky has twin babies and they have an incredible connection. She shared a video of her cute babies looking at each other to make sure they can adjust to the new world after giving birth.

The twins are moving their mouths around as if they’re trying to talk to each other. According to the internet, cryptophasia is what we call a language between twins only they can understand, and it also includes mirrored walking and identical mannerisms.

The twins’ mom said on a Facebook post, “We kept the cribs together in an L shape and some nights I would go in and they would be cuddled into the corner of each of their cribs holding hands.”Twin Magazine describes twins like this: “They are individuals who are born as members of a team.

They will grow up with a strong relationship with the other members of their team.”Once the twins leave the womb, they’re instantly best buddies who know each other well for the rest of their lives.

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