Horse Steals The Spotlight And Dances The “Git Up” Challenge With Cowboy. Watch how Olli’s horse steals the spotlight in the video below…

There is an inseparable bond between a horse and a cowboy. Of course, there’s always the possibility that his horse actually does love music and has an interest in dancing in front of the camera…

A cowboy spends a lot of time with his horse, and this is why they have probably adapted to each other’s weirdness. Now you could say that Olli is a cowboy, with his build and obvious love for his horse…

Blanco Brown’s song, “The Git Up,” has become a famous challenge accepted by a lot of people on the internet. Olli brought his horse in front of the camera and danced to Blancco Brown’s song with him. Instead of doing the actual dance moves of the trend,

Olli trained his horse to dance along with the beat while he guides him. Ollie guides his horse in doing various moves as he makes sure that the horse’s timing is just right through various hand signals.

He commands his horse to walk forwards and backward in rhythm, exchanging a few steps with the animal so as to loosen up and perhaps show the animal that it’s time to dance.

Those who’ve watched their video declare them the winners of the dance challenge because there’s probably nothing “more country” than their dance challenge entry.

Watch how Olli’s horse steals the spotlight in the video below.

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