Dog Jumps Around And Makes Little Boy Laugh. This made my day

The best things in life truly are for free or at the very least, cost very little. You don’t always need fancy, expensive things to entertain you or pass the time. While video games and cool toys are nice to have, it’s life’s cheap thrills and simple gifts that can be just as rewarding, if you choose to see them.

Ever given a child a beautiful present only to watch them rip it open and play with the wrapping paper instead? Or, notice how much joy a dog gets from playing fetch with a tattered and torn tennis ball over and over again? It’s these simplicities that add color and meaning to life, and while we all enjoy a little (or a lot) of luxury now and again,

it’s important to remember what really makes us happy. This mom got a moment of pure delight when she walked into the room to discover her seven-year-old Shetland sheepdog, Pumpkin, frolicking and having the best time ever with her son. The young boy is seated on the carpet filling the room with his full-bellied laughter while Pumpkin erratically jumps around entertaining the child.

The two are locked in a back-and-forth, and it’s a hilarious moment when the dog comes close then backs away, comes close then backs away, comes close then backs away. The child is in stitches, and the dog is having a great time with his new human friend. Pumpkin is fantastic with children. Before they decided to expand their family, her owners had her for seven years.

but the lovable sheltie was a perfect fit. She loves having kids around and has never displayed unhappy behavior. In fact, she welcomed the first child into the family with no problem, and even with the second kid, she seemed to be just as happy! As this video shows, she’s not fussed at all, proving that she’s just as much a part of the family.

And if this video goes to show anything, it’s that she’s a very valued member, too. This moment of unbridled joy and love and happiness and laughter is priceless. It’s a moment in time that is free of screens, social media, batteries, and electronics — just pure clean fun.

Click below to watch this sweet moment. Mom was able to keep it together while recording because the two had been going on like this for five minutes prior to capturing it on camera!

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