7-Year-Old Boy Sings “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. You will watch This Amazing child

From “America’s Got Talent” to “The Voice,” and the classic “American Idol,” reality television and singing and talent competitions are all the rage. You might think that after watching these types of shows for years, we would be tired of them by now. But the truth is that they are only getting more popular and I’m one of the people that simply can’t get enough of them!!!

It’s difficult to understand why so many people enjoy these shows so much. I believe that everyone’s reason will be different. There are many aspects of these shows that different people may find entertaining, engaging, or even addictive. As an example,

some people may love the suspense that comes with watching a talent competition from week to week and wondering or trying to guess who is most likely to go home. Other folks may just like watching the various performances and choosing their own favorites to root for and doing a little bit of “armchair judging” of their own.

There’s definitely something in people that makes them root for certain contestants because of their background and personal stories, usually if it’s something that is emotionally compelling or that we can relate to in our own lives. For most viewers, it’s probably a combination of all of these things that make us keep coming back to these wonderfully entertaining shows,

While I enjoy all of these aspects and more, my favorite part of any television talent show just may be the auditions. Not only do I love watching a true talent surprising everyone and being discovered for the very first time, but I also love watching normal people, who like myself, have pretty much zero natural talent.

Thankfully, the little boy in this video is a member of the first category — he’s very talented and the judges and audience are getting to experience his singing talent for the very first time. Seven-year-old Shaney-Lee’s own mother describes him as an “old man in a little person’s body,” and when he takes the stage on Britain’s version of “The Voice,” he is not only adorable but wise and talented beyond his years.

The little boy auditioned with John Denver’s “Take Me Home” and immediately charmed the judges and the audience with his voice and adorable country twang. Watch him in the video below and please like and share to spread the smiles!

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