What Do You See First On This Image Will Reveal Interesting Facts About Your Personality

When is a picture more than just a picture? When it’s an optical illusion and the way you perceive it can actually say a lot about your personality.

The key here is to go with your gut reaction. What is the very first thing you see when you look at these images? I know, I know. You just looked at it, but you might notice something extra in the picture this time.

Take a look at the woman’s ponytail. Does it look like a nose? Look at the whole picture again. Does it now look like an old man sleeping? Now you can’t see both of the images! Let’s try another one.

Optical illusions have proved popular online in recent months. The internet has been eager to see if they can spot something hidden or figure out a tricky puzzle.

1. OLD MAN. If you saw the old man first, it means you are a highly empathetic and sensitive person. And since to see the old man first you need to look at the image from the right, it indicates that you use the right side of your brain.

2. WOMAN. If you saw the woman first, then you mostly use the left side of your brain which is logical and analytical. You tend to think about everything twice and analyze the situation very carefully before you jump to conclusions and make a decision.

But you are also an optimist, a believer, and a healer as well, people trust you and come to you for advice. You only need to control your perfectionist’s side, and then everything will be fine.

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