Mom Impresses Daughter With Her Dance Moves. Click below to watch momma

Moms are versatile, multi-faceted creatures, equipped with a slew of skills. You don’t get to be a mom and not pick up a thing or two along the way. Moms know how to balance a phone between their chin and shoulder while cradling a small child and carrying on a conversation about politics.

She knows how to make a mean apple pie for her daughter’s bake sale and why y=mx+b when her son brings home math homework. What kids forget is that before making lunches and driving to school, long before children were born, mom was out in the world living life as well. Mom undoubtedly got to see and experience what the world has to offer.

She had no doubt had fancy dinners and nights spent dancing the night away! Just look at these moves to understand what I mean! In this video, a young girl watches with glee as her mother drags her to the floor at a local dance convention to bust a move. A group of young and enthusiastic high school students, their children,

can be heard in the background. A young girl’s voice says “My mom’s up there!” as the crowd hoots and hollers and starts to get rowdy. “Let’s go! WOOHOO! Let’s go!” Mom steps up wearing leggings and a grey and red baseball tee. She’s got her hair down, as she takes her spot on the floor. The music comes on and she’s the first to start! She’s already bouncing to the beat,

lapping her hands and moving like she may have done this before. The daughter grows curious, saying, “Let’s see if my mom’s any good…” just before the music picks up and mom drops it! She’s feeling it! Her moves are tight and well-rehearsed.

Mom loves to dance and it’s clear to see. Her daughter seems to be pretty impressed too because she starts to yell and cheer her mom on with extra zeal, “She is my inspiration!”

They finish the routine, big smiles all around with a high five to end the show – and mom barely even broke a sweat! As one user commented below the video, “If only kids could’ve really seen how we used to get down before they came around lol.”

It’s really sweet to see how proud the daughter is of her mom. This is a really cute bonding moment where a child gets to see another side of her mom, a really, really cool one!

Click below to watch momma nail it.

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