Find the Differences in These Postcards

Riddles that challenge us to spot differences between 2 similar images activate our concentration power to the maximum: they put our eyes and brain to work. This is great because training our minds is as important as exercising our muscles.

We love spending time solving all kinds of visual puzzles and never miss an opportunity to share them with you. Find a comfortable seat and get ready to put your concentration to the test.

And remember, to see the answer, simply click on each image. Photo hunt is a popular spot for the different types of games where two nearly matching images are given and you are required to find the differences before the time runs out.

1. Find the difference

2. Find the difference

3. Find the difference

Even if the photos are placed next to each other, sometimes it is nearly impossible to find all the differences in a given time. A way to have a better chance of winning is to get more people to play together with you so that the chances of spotting the difference are much higher.

Scroll down to see the answers.

1. Answer

2. Answer

3. Answer

Software such as Adobe Photoshop has the ability to analyze an image to accurately find the difference but it is unsuitable for users not involved in graphic design since Photoshop is expensive and not so user friendly.

Here we have 5 free tools that can compare and find the differences between two nearly identical-looking images. To use any of the image comparison programs below on the Photo Hunt game,

you should first save the two images as different files either using a screenshot capturing software or by pressing the Print Screen button and paste it to Paint. Then use the crop function to cut out areas that are out of the photo.

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