Kind Couple Selling Bike Would Not Accept Payment From Young Father And Decided to…

When a kind couple learned that the young man trying to buy their bike was a new father, they decided to give him their bike for free.

Reddit user zomida shared that he’s been on a budget and has been needing a bike to get around. He saw a local post on Facebook of a nice ’76 roadster bike for sale and contacted the sellers to buy it.

“Money is tight but I needed a bike,” the young man wrote in a post online. “I contacted someone on FB about a bike they were selling.”
The sellers, a couple, agreed to sell to the young man, so he made his way over to their house to pick it up.

While he was on his way, the kind couple glanced at his profile and noticed that he is a new father. They decided to give him their bike for free because they wanted to help him.

“The couple looked at my profile and noticed I was a young father. When I went to pick it up they didn’t accept my payment. They will never know how much I appreciated it.”

“The husband used it as his everyday ride for decades, but hadn’t ridden it in years. He just wanted a good home for it so I’m trying to show it the love he did. I sent them photos from my first ride and plan on doing that for all the cool places it takes me.

They remained in their driveway, smiling, while I loaded it up. As I drove away, I waved and thanked them, and they seemed pleased that it was going to get some attention.”

“This is the kind of stuff I come to the internet to read. Please make sure to show us some of the cool places this takes you too!” wrote F. P. “When you have the opportunity in the future, pay it forward ❤️” wrote R. P.

“A few years back I was selling a TV and a couple showed up to buy it with their disabled daughter. They didn’t overtly mention money issues, but they hinted at it. I gave them the tv. We are all in this together. Life is not easy for almost all of us.

If you can afford to do it, things like this go a long way. I’m really happy you have the bike. Enjoy it! We’ve all struggled. It doesn’t make you a lesser person. It builds character and strength,” shared I. P.

True gifts of kindness stay in our hearts forever.

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