The 9-year-old bear seeing water for the first time literally jumps for joy when realizes he’s finally free after years in captivity. See his first swimming here

The sad reality, when animals were forced to live in cages, is just heartbreaking. The Asian black bear jumps for joy like a little kid, as soon as he sees water first time. The poor bear had to spend his whole life in captivity, and now birthing the air of freedom, he shows his excitement in this way.

The heartwarming scene was caught on camera. The black giant, named Tuffy, had a tough life. 9 long hard years he had to spend in the small cage. Fortunately, thanks to some kind people, this terrible nightmare for the moon bear finished. When people from the Animal Asia charity group learned about this heartbreaking story of the bear’s wretched life,

they immediately did everything to set him free. As soon as the rescued team saved Tuffy from the farm, where he was forced to live in captivity, they took him to one of their sanctuary in Vietnam. Poor Bear was in bad condition, he had spoiled teeth and other damages. Anyway, he looked so happy to be finally free.

After surgery and full recovery, the volunteers showed Tuffy his new comfortable home, which was prepared only for him. The rescuers soon arranged a pool swimming for the bear, who has never had such an experience before.

This little pool seemed for Tuffy like a true oasis. It was a touching moment when the free bear went into the water for the first time. The happiness was stamped on his face, as he was jumping for admiration and joy in the water. See his first swimming here:

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