IQ Picture Questions to Test your Observational Skills

This website contains a wide variety of visual puzzles. These puzzles put your visual perception and observation skills to the test. We’ve included some of these various Picture Puzzles in this post.

These Picture Puzzles are all of a different type. One of these picture puzzles requires you to find a hidden letter/number, while another requires you to find a hidden animal in the given photo puzzle image.

1. Find the 5 in the picture

2. Find the 8 in the picture

These are the picture puzzle to check your visual or observational mind power. Each of these picture puzzles will give you a different type of challenge. Each challenge is mentioned on top of each picture puzzle image.

1. Here is the answer

2. Here is the answer

Answers to these picture puzzles are given at the end. Links to similar picture puzzles are given after each of the picture puzzle images. Do click on these links to explore more picture puzzles of similar types.

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