Kind Man Gave His New Shoes, Clothes, Water And Money To…

A woman was out shopping with her daughter when she witnessed a kind man in the parking lot give his shoes, socks, new clothes, and water to a struggling homeless man.

Judy Boothe was out shopping with her daughter when they noticed a man talking to a homeless man while they were still in their car in the parking lot!!!

“I have no idea who you are but today I sat and watched you for about 15 minutes help a homeless man,” Judy shared in a post online. The kind man took off his brand new sneakers and socks and gave them to the homeless man.

He helped the homeless man to take off his worn shoes and socks, and then gently cleaned the homeless man’s feet with a baby wipe, and helped put the new socks and shoes on him.

“I watched you give him your sneakers, which looked brand new, and then you took off your socks and stood there barefoot while you took his socks off him, which had a huge hole, and then you wiped his foot with a baby wipe you had in your car.

You put the socks and sneakers on him.” The kind man also brought out a new shirt, a pair of shorts, some water, and some money that he had in his car for the homeless man.

Judy and her daughter sat in their car for 15 minutes, both feeling a deep sense of heartfelt gratitude as they watched this man lovingly assist the homeless person.

“I hope that somehow, someway this post finds you so you know that my daughter and I think you are one amazing, good-hearted selfless person. You are what a man should be. No good deed goes unnoticed keep being you.

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