Man’s Life Gets Completely Transformed After His Barber Urged Him To Grow A Beard

Men without their beards are like women without their make-up on. Just like makeup makes us women feel beautiful and confident so does a beard help men feel more mature and confident.

We are obviously talking about the men who love their beards, but there are some men out there that prefer being shaven clean and truth be told, it can be much nicer to kiss a man without a beard!

I know some of you are cursing me, but we all have different opinions on whether men should grow beards or not. It’s one of those situations where the beard has a 50/50 chance of suiting the man and becoming a part of him, or it simply won’t work.

But it worked out perfectly for Gwilym Pugh! He is a 21-year-old businessman who works from home, which has caused him to gain a lot of weight. So much so that his barber suggested he grow a beard to make himself feel better.

“At that time I was pretty overweight, working 12 hours a day, plagued with injuries which meant I couldn’t train at all,” Gwilym told Wales Online. “The business was doing okay, but I decided I needed to get my life in order and wanted to get healthy again.”

Gwilym was part of a band and when he started to grow his beard, he decided to go a bit further and include some healthy eating. But in order for him to be able to lose, he knew he had to stop sitting 12 hours a day in front of his computer.

When he lost most of his weight he started an Instagram account to document his story. Doesn’t he look fantastic? Nathan Palmer, a Welshen tailor also thought so when he came across Gwilym’s Instagram account.

He now works with AMCK Models and has been part of a lot of different brands like Diesel and Vans. “I’m happier and healthier than I ever thought possible and doing things that didn’t even cross my mind to dream of.”

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