An Elephant Protects His Human After He Has Been ”Attacked” (VIDEO)

Elephants are among the most intelligent species of animals that walk the Earth’s surface. They are highly complex and extremely social mammals who live in caring, tight-knit family groups. Many people know that an elephant never forgets, thanks to their incredible memories, but they are capable of so much more!

Anthony was known as the “elephant whisperer” for his amazing ability at calming and reforming violent, traumatized elephants who were seen as pests in South Africa. By taking an interest in, and living among them while rehabilitating, the out-of-control animals, he saved their lives from certain death.

It didn’t matter if her caretaker and the other man were pretending to fight; all she saw was that someone was potentially hurting her friend. The other man bolted as soon as he saw Thongsri approaching. Then she aggressively flared her ears and stood guard over the caretaker as he crawled around on the ground.

No one in their right mind would continue to try and harm her friend, they’d likely get trampled in a second if they did! It’s just further proof of what amazing, sensitive, and special animals elephants are.

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