Street Dog Edgar Bravely Rescues 3 Little Girls From Being Taken From Their Home

Having been dubbed “man’s best friend”, it is evident that the bond between dogs and humans is more than special. Dogs, as social animals, exhibit protective and territorial traits, especially when they see themselves as part of a family, just like Edgar the dog.

Meet the hero, Dog Edgar. Edgar, a 4-year-old dog who was once labeled “unadoptable,” usually hangs out at the local humane society shelter, where Melissa Lambert, a mother of three girls, brought her daughters to play with the animals on a regular basis!

Melissa couldn’t help but fall in love with Edgar when she met him, and despite the fact that Melissa and her husband, Thom, had their hands full with their three young daughters, ages three to eight, they eventually adopted Edgar into their home in Franklin County.

The Lamberts returned home in the early hours of April 28th after attending a funeral. Thomas, around 3:45 a.m., said to Edgar: “Even when Thom tried to relax him, the dog wouldn’t stop.”

It was at this time Thom noticed footsteps across his kitchen floor and headed downstairs only to find his window and kitchen door open knowing full well it had been locked before he went to bed. He quickly took his 3 girls and wife into a room and called the police.

Thom explained to the police how Edgar went into a barking and growling fit, but they found it hard to believe. According to Pennlive, Thom Lambert said: And the cops are like, so this is the dog that you’re saying went nuts?

Thom believes Edgar went back to sleep because he knew his work was done. The next day police arrested a suspect, Thomas Dewald, 20, in connection with kidnapping a 4-year-old Gemma Moats. He had been around the Lamberts’ neighborhood weeks prior, in search of unsupervised children!!

This just goes to show why the human and dog relationship will continue to thrive for a long time. Some may see having dogs around the house as unhygienic and stressful, but the pros outweigh the cons. Besides, they are amazing loving companions.

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