Body Language Experts Claim The Way People Hold Their Handbags Can Says About Their Personalities

We usually spend a lot of time selecting a handbag that will go with everything and everywhere. We try to choose the best option for each outfit, whether it’s black, white, or red, and whether it’s big or small. Your bag can reveal a lot about your personality. Furthermore, the way you hold your bag isn’t a coincidental choice!

The manner in which you carry your bag reveals a lot about your personality. It may seem unbelievable, but certain gestures and habits can reveal a lot about you. Continue reading and tell us if we’re correct. According to body language experts, there are several ways to carry your bag, and each one says something about you:

1. The backpack. Wearing your bag on your back means you are independent and strong. Your bag sends a powerful message that you are prepared for everything. You know what you want and you aren’t concerned about other people’s opinions. You set your own standards and love being self-sufficient.

2. Holding your bag in your hand. Holding your bag in your hand can be comfortable if the bag is small. However, much more than showing your style, this position shows your assertive and organized nature. The gesture also speaks of an ambitious nature. In addition, people who carry their bags this way are trying to draw attention to their outfits.

3. Slung over your shoulder. This style reveals you’re very practical and willing to display your freedom rather than your style. You think more about getting things done on time than about fashion. You don’t want your bag to disturb your activities for the day, so you just put it aside on your shoulders.

4. The crossbody. Wearing your bag crossed over your body looks like a defense. This is also a very safe way to hold your bag as it can never fall off, especially if you’re a very busy person. However, holding your bag this way can show you’re defensive and insecure. It also means that you can be shy.

5. Wearing your bag in front of you. This style of holding your bag means you are a defensive person but can also come across as trying to hide something. You just use your bag as a cover. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? However, remember that all these explanations do not apply to every woman who carries her bag in such a manner. It usually depends on the situation.

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