Airline Officials Said The Parents They Couldn’t Sit With Their Children Aged 2, 4, And 6 On A 10-Hour Flight

Traveling with children on an airplane can exhausting and frustrating, so if you are planning to travel with kids you should be ready literally for everything. Traveling with small children can be even more difficult, so parents usually tried to make all preparations in advance!

Some even go out of their way to book upgrades to make the journey more comfortable. However, there are times when nothing works. Parents were not permitted to sit with their children. Lois and Lewis Herbert planned their trip ahead of time. When the parents arrived at the airport, they were surprised because they were not permitted to sit with their three children on a ten-hour flight.

The three young children were two, four, and six years old! The family spent £30,000 to make their vacation more comfortable, even upgrading the seven plane tickets from Economy to Economy Plus months before the flight. However, the couple was informed that something had gone wrong with their reservation and that they would be unable to sit with their young children.

Half of the family were bumped back down to Economy, and the seats were spread across the airplane. The worried parents told the airline officials that they couldn’t sit apart from their children, but that didn’t help. Lois recalled:

“The whole experience was a total shambles. Lie after lie. My main concern was my children, which they didn’t care for or the safety of passengers. I have never been spoken to how the staff spoke to us in my entire life, especially in front of my children.”United Airlines couldn’t solve the problem, the parents with three kids decided they were not getting on the plane.

Over the next two days, the couple tried to change their booking to sit together, but it didn’t work too. However, on the third day, they were finally able to make a trip home to Henfield, Sussex. The airline said that that family was given an upgrade to Economy Plus as a gesture. Also, the family was provided with hotel vouchers and food.

The family was outraged as they said that the upgrade to Economy Plus was made with their own money. They added a spokesperson of the airline hadn’t gotten in touch with them. How to travel with kids?

Well, it can be hard to avoid such situations. But if you are going to travel with kids, here are several recommendations that can help:
1. Pack carefully. 2. Book and confirm your tickets in advance 3. Children need passports, too. Make sure you have them before planning the journey.

It is better to be extra vigilant when traveling with their kids to avoid any bad situations. In this situation, the airline wasn’t right. They need to change for the better. Do you agree?

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