102-Year-Old Grandpa Celebrates Birthday By Diving Into Lake

When we look to our older relatives, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they were young once, too. We go to them because we know that they have lived a long life and seen a lot of things, and that vast life experience means that they can often give the best of advice. After all, they must have learned a lot over the years.

However, because they are older and may require some assistance, we frequently treat them as children rather than the wise, sage adults that they are. We forget that they had a whole life before us that we had no idea about — one in which they were the young, brave ones. Take a moment the next time you’re with an elderly relative or a senior citizen to ask them about their childhood!

For his 102nd birthday, the Grandpa in this video did not want a quiet celebration at home. Instead, he wanted to spend the day outdoors with his family, enjoying a day on the lake. So, they packed up the boat, snacks, towels, and bathing suits and the whole family headed out to the lake to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining down on the water and fluffy clouds floating across the sky.

After cruising for a bit, they arrived at a good place to go for a swim. It was a hot day, so the cool water must have been quite refreshing. One by one, the kids jump in the water, splashing around, swimming, and playing. Grandpa is enjoying watching his family have fun, but he isn’t happy to sit on the sidelines while everyone else enjoys themselves in the water. The water’s cold and deep, but Grandpa wants to go for a swim anyway.

Now, his family is a little concerned, but no one wants to tell him “no.” It’s his birthday and with 102 years on this earth, his experience certainly outweighs everyone else’s.

So, his family cautiously helps him to the edge of the boat, worrying over him and warning him about the slippery surface. But, all of their worries were for nothing.

They expect Grandpa to climb carefully into the water, but he shows them up by doing a perfect dive into the chilly lake. Everyone laughs when he shows off, reminding his family that age is just a number.

Watch Grandpa’s dive in the video below! What’s the more daring thing you’ve done on your birthday?

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